The Top 8 Tattoo Trends Of 2018

Montreal is a trendsetting city, no matter how you take a look at it.

Tattoo culture is something extremely unique to Montrealers, and we have a few of the very best tattoo artists in the nation.

Now, this might be relatively subjective – however here are a few of the most popular tattoo patterns for 2018!


Minimalist tattoos are appearing all over I look. They are usually very little linework tattoos. They’re easy, they’re sensational, and they’re specifying tattoo culture for 2018.


Dotwork tattoos are another pattern you are most likely seeing all over. Elaborate styles are done utilizing the stippling approach, generally in grey or black ink. Discover an artist in Montreal who concentrates on this approach for finest outcomes when recovered.

Black Work

Blackwork tattoos press dotwork and linework to the extreme. Enormous blank tint locations, complicated patterns, and graphic art are the name of the video game. A great blackwork tattoo might be a great deal of ink-coverage on the arm, however, the outcomes are sensational!.

Water Colour

Watercolor tattoo art is taking control of! The outcomes of these tattoos are spectacular, however, make sure to discover yourself the best tattoo artist to do it, and make certain some overview work exists as they will go out a lot throughout the years if no describes are done.

Hand/Finger Tattoo

Tattoos on your hands are ending up being more traditional. As soon as was a time that these tattoos were booked for the experienced ink topic, today it is a growing number of types.

Lots of people will do this discreetly, others will take it all the method, like the post I connected above. Another pattern in this design is little, hyper-defined styles like this one:

Beware with these, a great artist is necessary as the recovery and keep-up are difficult!


Tattoo patterns go and come. Geometric or “spiritual” geometric tattoos have actually been around for a long period of time – however, more up-to-date styles are ending up being preferred. Think about mandalas, prismatic graphics, and detailed shapes.

New School

Timeless tattoo components satisfy a brand-new school style. Comparable to traditional tattooing, the brand-new school utilizes heavy details, however with a brighter variety of colors and more abstract styles with overstated information. Unlike the old-fashioned method, brand-new school design is more fantastical than the standard old-fashioned.

Old School

This one is a no-brainer. Traditional styled tattoos are permanently traditional. These are your “mama” hearts, flowers, anchors, pin-ups and so on..

This pattern will never ever disappear, and it never ever should.