All Things Minimalist Tattoos

Susanne König is a tattooer at Redwood Tattoo Studio in Manchester. She does fine linework, dotwork, and blackwork. All of her tattoos use just black ink, however, her detailed dotwork make a fantastic contrast to the heavy black. A girl and her cat, the start and the moon. Victorian octopus lady looking very serious. Fantastic […]

The Top 8 Tattoo Trends Of 2018

Montreal is a trendsetting city, no matter how you take a look at it. Tattoo culture is something extremely unique to Montrealers, and we have a few of the very best tattoo artists in the nation. Now, this might be relatively subjective – however here are a few of the most popular tattoo patterns for […]

Minimalist Tattoos: Physchology And Tattoos

In today’s society, a lot of individuals tend to misjudge tattoos. A lot of individuals who see somebody with a lot of tattoos will instantly believe unfavorable ideas. The majority of those who choose to look into the psychology of those with tattoos appear to associate them as bad guys and study them like they […]


If you like mini tattoos, you will absolutely enjoy the art of Sol Tattoo, a tattoo artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Sol focuses on extremely adorable feline tattoos, however realistic pet pictures and flower styles are likewise a big part of her portfolio. Her delicate and subtle tattoos are frequently very little, yet highly […]


French tattoo parlor Paris Tattoo Club was released by illustrator Jean André and tattoo artist Tarik (aka The Crayoner) where one draws and the other tattoos. The artists are known for their vibrant minimalistic designs developed with tidy lines, often portraying contrariwise or inspirational, tough quotes, names or single words, including a cursive and delicate […]


The desire to get a tattoo, however, scared to dedicate to one? I truly like minimalist tattoos specifically on the foot or at the back of the neck. Little is the brand-new huge! Here are some leading pointers if you are thinking about a minimalist tattoo: Prior to you leap into having a tattoo, do […]

Minimalist Tattoo Meanings

Minimalist tattoos are a growing pattern, utilizing crisp black lines, unfavorable area, and sporadic color schemes to communicate a style that’s easy and tidy. Search through our some of the most popular minimalist tattoos styles, and see which signs speak to you! Minimalist Tattoo Dictionary Antlers: an easy shape illustration of a deer’s antlers. Big […]