Istanbul, Turkey-based tattoo artist Okan Uckun is a pioneer of minimalist geometric tattoos. His styles illustrate geometric shapes, great lines, and dots sometimes combined with animals, plants, or other components. See listed below a selection of his stunning tattoos:

15 Cool Tattoo Designs on Foot

Your foot is essential generally for walking functions. However, appeal can also be one of its secondary possessions. Getting a foot tattoo can be one your excellent choices. Identifying one tattoo style that completely suits you need to not be a difficult task since there are numerous possible tattoo foot designs to think about from. […]

Inspirational Top 20 Tattoos For Girls

Being a girl is hard. To add to the concern, even the option of tattoo styles for women is plentiful– it is like the universe is conspiring versus them. Joke aside, the tattoos for ladies require to stick to the image. So here’s the offer, this post will offer you some common tattoo concepts that […]

Foot Tattoos: Where Should You Put Your Eagle Tattoo?

There are a lot of aspects that enter into getting a tattoo, consisting of where your tattoo belongs on your body. To assist you to identify where the very best area to sport your most recent or very first tattoo style, address the concerns listed below. 1. Do you desire your tattoo to be noticeable? […]

21 Inspiring Angel Tattoo Designs For Men

Tattoos are a hot favorite in both women and guys and simply when you believed various styles are restricted to one gender, Reconsider! Both females and guys are not terrified of attempting patterns that are feminine or maybe manly in nature. Men do like to sport an angel tattoo on their body. Various kinds of […]

Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half sleeve tattoos generally begin at the very leading of the shoulder and run down listed below the bicep, often to the elbow. Some people refer to half sleeves as beginning at the elbow and running down to the wrist. Again, I expect there are 2 halves to every arm, so both evaluations would be […]

92+ Unique Statue Of Liberty Tattoos And Meanings

Listed Below You Can See Finest 92+ Collection Of Statue Of Liberty Tattoos For Men. You will find: Half Face Skull Statue Of Liberty Tattoos, Man Right Arm Statue Of Liberty Tattoos, Horror Statue Of Liberty Tattoos On Shoulder, New York City Statue Of Liberty Gangster Tattoo ,Traditional Statue Of Liberty Tattoos, American Pride Tattoos, Black Gray Statue […]

The Fascinating Meaning of Mandala Tattoos

‘Mandala’ is originated from ancient Sanskrit, and usually merely indicates ‘circle’. However, if you’ve ever seen a mandala, you ‘d understand that it’s far more than simply a shape. In reality, they have a deep and magical meaning in ancient religious beliefs. Having a mandala tattoo might allow one to reveal numerous elements of their […]

22 Amazing Angel Tattoos for Women

Christian angel tattoos are rather popular with ladies who ink them over various body parts. A few of the tattoos expose a fallen angel with withering wings and a sad face. Likewise, a cherub is seen wishing humanity and guardian angel positioning to strike back with all may are also popular. The role of angels […]