They Call Her ‘The Painted Woman’

A couple of months back, my charming better half decided she wished to get her half sleeve tattoo reached a 3/4 or full sleeve. She got in contact with her cool tattooist, Tim, and yesterday we embraced the very first session.

Seriously, Shan is way harder than she looks!! She sat for 3.5 hours and had all of the summary and some of the shadings on her lower arm done, including the within and outside of her ELBOW– the most painful spots to get a tattoo. She’ll need another 1 or 2 sessions to complete it but it looks extraordinary up until now. Tim is a genius.

Oh, and when we discussed we ‘d seen him at the Tegan & Sara show, he said he existed at their request and was asked backstage by them due to the fact that they want him to tattoo them next time they’re in town. Yuh, as if we didn’t already think he was very cool.