35 Beautiful Foot Tattoo Designs For Girls

There are numerous unique options of foot tattoo styles for women, like for instance a butterfly, flower, or stars, simply to describe a couple of. These captivating works of art are unquestionably considered attractive, and will constantly allow a girl concerned feel wonderful about herself. It’s no surprise why foot tattoos have actually ended up […]

Small Foot Tattoos

Little foot tattoos are very popular nowadays. They are luring and common among women, but painful as compared to tattooed on other parts of the body. Let’s check out this pattern. Foot tattoos are typically striking. The designs used are typically little, simple, and elaborate. Body art is an extremely individual sign and shows various […]

22 Unique Japanese Dragon Tattoos & Designs

Japanese dragon tattoos are preferred with males and females. Possibly the stunning information in a single dark ink is what appeals or the numerous colors. Japanese dragon tattoos are understood for symbolic and abundant in misconceptions and folklore. Males and female typically wear dragon tattoos to represent meanings of freedom and fearlessness. Other popular meanings […]

Tons of Mystical Japanese Tattoos

This separation led to an abundant cultural history that many Japanese take great pride in, and it is a culture that numerous people from around the world are interested by. From artwork to food, entertainment to martial arts forms, Japanese culture has come to influence many different societies around the world. Due to the fact […]


Sven Rayen is a Belgium-based tattoo artist mainly known for his imaginative geometric animal tattoos. Rayen’s animals are typically made in gray and black ink and utilizing a great deal of dotwork. Although minimalist, Rayen’s tattoos are made in a geometric design with a spectacular origami-like and 3D result. Sven operates in his personal parlor, […]


Balazs Bercsenyi is a Hungarian tattoo artist living and operating in New york city. He focuses on great line black and gray tattoos frequently merged with geometric designs. His tattoos are finely-shaped and distinct, featuring a gorgeous sophistication.


Ola Pelczarska is a young tattoo artist based in Warsaw and a function style for those who wish to live their dream. One year previously, Ola stopped her 9-to-5 workplace task to pursue her think of ending up being a tattoo artist. ‘I have actually been dreaming about becoming a tattoo artist considered that permanently, […]


Turkish tattoo artist Koray Karagozler produces stunning watercolor tattoos that hold true artworks oscillating in between the abstract, fantasy, nature and the surreal. Koray ended up being thinking about the art of tattooing in college, throughout his abstract and conceptual studies at the professors of arts in Mediterranean University. His tattoo styles show abstract ideas […]

Full Sleeve Tattoos

Complete sleeve tattoos begin at the top of the shoulder and stretch down the whole arm to the wrist. And if you completely plan on getting a sleeve tattoo, it’s absolutely essential to pick out the ideal tattoo artist for the job, and the very best method to assess an artist is to view his […]

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Japanese sleeve tattoos are truly stunning artworks, frequently including such designs as dragons, flowers, and plant life, fish, animals such as cats and obviously the Japanese sword-wielding samurai. Take pleasure in these fantastic photos of cool Japanese sleeve tattoo concepts below. Flowers, clouds and flames design. Bright and colorful idea with vegetation and sunbeams. Flowers […]